Say goodbye to your Excel sheets

Keeping tabs on your emission has always been a pain in the past.

That's why every piece of our code has been written to make keeping track of your emissions a piece of cake.

Collaborations with specialized consultants and interactions with many industry leading professionals have helped us create the ultimate app that meets and exceeds all industry needs.

This way you can focus on what only you can do best; Mapping out your emissions and keeping our planet green.

Your personal emission ledger.

It's like a bookkeeping system but for carbon emissions, all wrapped up in a customizable, user-friendly dashboard.

Make a change. Together.

Unlimited users collaborate seamlessly, tracking emissions together for a planet-friendly event.

Enter once, save forever.

Enter once, save forever.

Recurring rows make data entry a breeze. No more manual repetition of entries, ever!

Industry-standard compatibility.

Industry-standard compatibility.

Choose from GHG, GLEC, and more templates for easy benchmarking with other festivals.

Real-time data for real-time improvements.

Connect unlimited data streams and receive data in real time so you can stay on top of your emission goals.

Project Folders.

Effortlessly create and manage projects, keeping your event portfolio neatly organized.

Seamless integration.

Connect with Rentman, Eventix, RDW, OnlineTicket, Klimato, and more. The compatibility list keeps growing. And the list is growing non-stop.

Data Request Links.

Simplify collaboration with vendors using 'data request links', making green decisions easier and faster.

Swift Material Flow Analysis.

Days of work can be done in a blink of an eye. Thanks to data automations making MFA's is no longer a chore. And the best news is that it's all done in realtime.

Wizards make everything better.

Industry experts have helped us create wizards to reduce calculations and make data entry (almost) something you look forward to.

Integrate everything with everything

Integrate everything with everything

Just in: the all-new GO ZERO App Store. Take those calculations off your to-do list and let us do the work for you. We’re integrating with Rentman, Eventix, OnlineTicket and Klimato - and there’s more to come soon!  You can find the GO ZERO App Store in your dashboard.


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