We are _GO ZERO._

We are GO ZERO.

And this is the story on why we decided to develop world’s easiest tool to track emissions.

And possibly save the world?

With a combined 20+ years of programming and some serious hand-on experience managing some of Holland’s biggest music festivals it’s no coincidence that GO ZERO was founded by two uber-nerds with a shared passion for zucchini and sustainability.

Every single company we ever talk to wants to reduce their environmental footprint. The problem is just that they honestly don’t know where to start. And even if they do have a clou on how to improve on their environmental habits, the process to actually improve is way too complicated to routinely done right by even the most ambitious tree-hugger.

And that's when we realised that…

Companies should be able to reduce their emissions with GO ZERO effort.

So with our combined experience and many espresso's later we figured out the ultimate way to use our deep understanding of programming, APIs and the Dutch festival industry to make mapping out emissions not only easy to do, but also more effective.

Remote First Company

Remote First Company

Embracing connectivity, empowering everywhere.

As a remote-first company, we embrace the freedom to work from wherever inspires us. Our team of three individuals spans across Eindhoven (NL), Helsinki (FI), and Sicily (IT), creating a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives and cultures. Despite our geographical dispersion, we maintain seamless communication and collaboration through modern systems and tools. Whether it's through video calls, messaging platforms, or collaborative documents, we ensure that distance never hinders the fluid exchange of ideas and the pursuit of our collective goals.

The tech comes first.

The tech comes first.


We are a technology first company. We are a technology first company. Yes, you read that twice. that's how serious we are about tech. We listen to our customers and are incredibly eager to add whatever you can come up with. Because if it makes our tool even the slightest bit better, it makes the world better. And that's the whole point of why we get up every morning.

Open for everyone

Open for everyone

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We're on the lookout for hackers, marketers, salespeople, surfers, bikers, beerlovers and more!


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