50+ sport events on their way to sustainability

How GO ZERO and More2Win work together on the same mission

More2Win and GO ZERO are proud to announce an exclusive partnership!

The goal is to make sports events in The Netherlands more sustainable. We do this by making it easier to get insights into emissions and offer insights to reduce those emissions.

GO ZERO will be used by selected frontrunners for the rest of 2023, while 2024 marks the start of another 30 sports events.

GO ZERO makes it effortless to get insights into your emissions. We do this with easy-to-use software, tailor-made integrations, real-time graphs, and more. Sports events can now say bye-bye to clunky Excel sheets.

More2Win is based in the Bossche Bol-capital of the world and has a team of 12. With “Changing the world through sport” as a slogan, they are on a mission to make the world a better place for all. A perfect fit for GO ZERO!

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