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If you're a festival organizer who wants to work on their sustainability goals, you probably have heard of the Green Deal Circular Festivals. The GDCF is a community of European frontrunner festivals, who strive for fully circular and climate neutral festivals.

It's participants conclude of an impressive 50+ festivals: DGTL, Sziget, Awakenings, Pukkelpop, Zwarte Cross and more. Also, ESNS and Chasing The Hihat are part of the GDCF, and user of GO ZERO.

Just like GO ZERO does, GDCF participants believe festivals can play a guiding role in inspiring a green movement and accelerate society‚Äôs transition. Read more about it over here:

Part of the journey is mapping your festival emissions. Hey, that might sound familiair, because that's what we do, too.

That's why we're proud to launch the GDCF Quickstart in GO ZERO. Just go to your dashboard, and open the GDCF Quickstart. You'll be guided through the questions, and receive a perfect filled-in dashboard at the end. Turn that into a Shareable link, and you're all done. If you're a festival organization who wants to dip their toes in sustainability, this quickstart might be just the perfect stepping stone towards a more sustainable festival. 

Excited? Hell yes, so are we. Head over to the Quickstarts page on your dashboard, and we're looking forward to hear your thoughts!


GO ZERO and Green Deal Circular Festivals are two parties and not related.

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